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The Soho Loft Capital Creation for Investors and Family Offices

Page history last edited by David Drake 8 years, 11 months ago

MONDAY JAN. 23, 2012




LDJ Capital  and NowStreet Media cordially invite you to attend The SoHo Loft Capital Creation and Crowdfunding (TSLCCAC) Conference, the definitive forum for learning about the rapidly evolving marketplace for private company stock. The event will take place on Monday, January 23, 2012 from 1pm to 830pm at Reed Smith’s Conference Center, 599 Lexington Ave., 22nd floor, New York City.  


Synchronously, the U.S. regulatory environment, its capital markets and the innovation that drives those markets are on the threshold of dramatic change. In this remarkable moment in history, we are witnessing the embryonic period of a cutting-edge stock market just as we usher in a new era of mass media. At the same time, new legislation aimed at facilitating capital formation and job creation is being introduced to support this modern infrastructure.  


TSLCCAC will provide the global investing community with key insight into the direction of the U.S. capital markets during this period of regulatory transformation and the rapid progression of the developing ecosystem. Attendees will be introduced to the Private Company Marketplace (PCM) including the private shares desks and exchange platforms, crowdfunding platforms and experts, secondary private share buyers, private stock analysts and senior executives of this market’s potential bellwether companies. Additionally, attendees will have exclusive opportunities to network with congressional leaders, industry pioneers and demo exciting new technologies that we believe will fuel the growth of these new markets and lead us toward an era of economic prosperity. 


TSLCCAC attendees are comprised of high net worth investors, CIOs of investors, merchant and investment bankers, fund managers, incubators, analysts, attorneys, select entrepreneurs and secondary stock buyers/specialists. Our speakers include industry veterans and congressional leaders such as 


Rep Patrick McHenry, the congressman responsible for introducing the HR 2930 also known as the “crowdingfunding bill” which has garnered strong bipartisan support; 


David Weild, Chairman and CEO of Capital Markets Advisory Partners and former Vice Chairman and executive committee member of The NASDAQ Stock Market; 


Lou Kerner, the first social media analyst on Wall Street and head of Liquidnet’s private share group; 


Vince Molinari, CEO of Gate Technologies and congressional witness; 


Jason Jones, Portfolio Manager of HighStep Capital; 


Phil Reicherz, Founder & Managing Partner at Magnolia Ventures LLC; 


Michael Moe, Co-founder and CEO at GSV Asset Management


Boaz Rahav, General Partner of Greencrest Capital


Bert Szostak, Director of Private Shares Group at GFI Group


Jouko Ahvenainen, Co-founder of Grow VC, the first global peer-to-peer micro-funding service for startups, 


Brian Meece, Co-Founder of RocketHub


Andrew Rachmell Co-Founder of PeerBackers 


To register for tickets, please go to http://tslccac.eventbrite.com/  Only ticket holders will be permitted into the event.  Please contact us about membership to The Soho Loft and Press Passes through Donna@LDJCapital.com