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Always Be Closing...


Instead of investor pitches, where 9 out of every 10 companies walk out the door empty-handed, nextNY is starting a new series where big companies telegraph their needs to the startup community and you get a chance to win their business.  Could it be an ad deal?  A distribution agreement?  A revenue windfall?  It's up to you to sell them on what you've got that suits their needs.


Upcoming ABC Events:



Pitch the Corp/Biz Dev team from The Daily News

September 30th, 6:30PM

NYU Stern Room Room M2-60 


Here's how it works:


1) Apply using the RSVP form below...  You'll be asked to fill out a couple of short questions about your business.

2) The Daily News team will pick out the top applications for a 10-15 minute public presentation.

3) Their team will give you feedback on your offering and indicate their interest in following up with future meetings for a potential partnership.


The New York Daily News is the biggest-selling newspaper in the New York DMA. Our aim is to be the most relevant content provider to the 5 boroughs on all platforms. From a base of around 200m page views a month we are looking for partners to help us extend and improve our relevance to the local market on the web and through mobile applications. The focus is on useful information that helps people engage, interact and make decisions about their daily lives. We want to participate in communication, not push.

We are looking to better provide focused, service-oriented local offerings for the five boroughs. We can offer innovative companies a unique stage to showcase their technology and capabilities, and at the same time bring our brand and leverage our unique access to other media companies.