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Hi, and welcome to nextNY!

First off, what is nextNY? nextNY is a group of over 1500 up and coming entrepreneurs, engineers, investors, strategists, bloggers, designers… all sorts of folks in NYC’s tech and digital industry.


How do I become a member?

It’s not really so much about "membership" as it is about "participation". Joining the group e-mail list and participating productively is the first step. Coming to our events is the second step. That’s it. No cards. No titles. No secret handshakes (not yet anyway). Just show up, share ideas, meet great people in your peer group.


Who runs this group?

You do! No one in the group has any kind of official title, which means that this group is really what you make of it. No CEO's, no Presidents… just people who come to participate. We are not a business and so our only interest is in facilitating and supporting the NYC digital community. Anyone can run an event or ask a question on the group e-mail list




How do I run an event?

Well, first, what kind of events do we run? So far, we've done these types of events:


  • Community Conversations: These are generally larger, group discussions around a particular topic. 4-7 Conversation leaders are invited, but we generally seat everyone in the round and give everyone a chance to participate. We've probably averaged about 70 attendees for these so far. Past Community Conversations include:
  • Social Outings: Pick a bar, a date and a time, and let the merriment ensue.
  • Spinoff Groups: We've had groups of VC folks meet, and anyone is welcome to pull together niches within the community. Vloggers, designers, whoever you want to meet up with. Just call them out on the listserv and sign folks up.
  • Open Houses: We've arranged with technology companies to open their doors to the group. The first one was the Google Open House If you have connections at other NY area tech companies, this is a meeting you can help organize.
  • Focus and Feedback: Got a startup and need feedback, product ideas or an answer to a difficult question? Host a small group of peers at your office or out at a coffee shop to brainstorm and get some very focused feedback on your product or business.
  • Coworking: We're planning a recurring Coworking session


Here’s how:


  1. Go to the Events page
  2. Anyone can create a Wiki page with the details of your event (date / time / location).
  3. Create an area inside your event Wiki for members to RSVP.. a simple list will do.
  4. Send notification to members via our listserv for signups or feedback on the details of the event.
  5. If you're looking for meeting space, a number of members of the group have leads for or access to space, post your request to the list and we'll see how we can help!
  6. nextNY graphics are available for download, to help advertise your event


Can anyone really run an event?


  • YES… that's the whole point. nextNY is what you want it to be. Want to do something around social investing? Technology in education? Digital advertising? Gather feedback and backing from other likeminded people and get the ball rolling!


The Email List


How do I join the email list?


Go to the e-mail list signup page


Email List Guidelines


  1. No spamming with pitches for your own company or a client. (Exception being if a client or your own company answers a question or problem brought up by someone else, but please fully disclose the relationship.) If you have a new service and you want feedback on a particular feature, that's fine, but using the list b/c it has a lot of people out and you want to self-market... not cool.
  2. If you have a job posting, post it to the Job Board and it will be added to the list in digest form automatically each day.
  3. No personal attacks... stay positive.


What do people generally post on the group e-mail list?


  • It varies. Sometimes, people ask for help with a piece of Java code. Other times, they're looking for a good videohosting service. Sometimes it is people or just the passing on of an interesting article.


The nextNY Blog - blog.nextny.org


  • The mission of the nextNY blog is to promote the technology and Internet industries in NY, and give them a higher level of visibility, as well as being a central place to learn about the companies, trends, and people that make up the NY technology scene.


  • The nextNY Blog is group blog, that pulls in posts tagged 'nextny' from individual members’ blogs. Anyone can join and post. Read the nextNY Blog FAQ to find out how.





  • NYC Tech Events is an events calendar that covers all the events related to Internet and technology in New York City. It includes events sponsored by nextNY as well as other groups. Anyone can post for free. You can view the NYC Tech Events FAQ for more information.


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