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Startup 101 Questions for Discussion

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Submit your ideas here (list format works nicely)


1. As someone who comes up with a million great ideas a day, I want to know how does an entreprenuer know that the idea they're currently betting on is "the one", or enough to put time and effort into?

2. Assuming that you can't steal a talented co-worker from your current workplace, what's the best way to find a partner? Or do you need one at all?

3. How best to find pre-VC startups that are looking for investment?

4. Patent Q - I've heard that one has only one year to submit for a patent since the day they've publicly announced it. Are there any loop-holes here, or should one kiss the patent idea goodbye after a year passed? And really, how valuable is a Social-Software patent anyway?

5. PR / Marketing - You've got your great idea / website / community, but you only have a shoestring budget. How do you attract attention (from both the media and the public) in creative ways that won't break the bank?