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Startup 101 June 2006

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nextNY Community Conversation: Startup 101

(RSVP-only, Space is limited)


Date: June 13, 2006


Time: 6-8PM



Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP

7 Times Square

New York, NY 10036


Join a group of experienced NYC area professionals for an informal roundtable discussion of best practices, advice, and answers to dumb questions that no one asks that aren't really so dumb. We'll have entrepreneurs, experts on law, PR, HR... so that every angle is covered for all your questions about just starting out.


Speaking of questions... let us know what you're interested in talking about so we can make sure everyone's voice is heard!


Come with questions and be prepared to contribute to the discussion as well, because everyone can learn something from anybody else.


Confirmed discussion leaders


Jason McCabe Calacanis, CEO, Weblogs, Inc., An AOL Company



Ian Landsman, Userscape Software


Jay Rand, Partner, Manatt


Jackie Reed, Business Consultant, Administaff


David S. Rose, Angel Investor


Peter Semmelhack, Founder, Antennae Software, BugLabs


Michael Volpatt, Partner, Larkin/Volpatt Communications


Albert Wenger, President of del.icio.us through Yahoo! acquisition


RSVP-only... Cap of 50 participants.


Please write your name, title and company, as well as put down the number on this list that you are. (1 more than the number of the person above you, obviously.)


1. Charlie O'Donnell, Analyst, Union Square Ventures

2. Otis Gospodnetic, Founder, Simpy

3. Philip Cotty, Software Developer

4. Naveen Selvadurai, Engineer

5. Eric Stephens, buildV1

6. Lee Semel

7. Mike Krypel

8. Rob Marano, CTO and Founder, Falkin Systems LLC

9. David Chen

10. Eric Yoon, Co-founder, JobThread

11. Ben Bloom

12. Mica Scalin, The PAN

13. Alice McKown

14. Seth Besmertnik, CEO, LinkExperts

15. Erik Hansen

16. Justin Kulla, MBA Student (MIT Sloan School of Management)

17. Karen Xie, Internet Marketing Manager, accoona.com

18. John Hui, Vendia

19. Anthony Casalena, Squarespace

20. Laurent Kretz, CEO, SubMate

21. David Birnbaum, Director of Technology, ERE Media

22. David Manaster, CEO, ERE Media

23. Sean Johnson, Creative Director at GoalQuest and Owner, Intentionally

24. Henry Wong

25. Jason L. Baptiste, CEO, uGather.com

26. Scott Kendall Investor

27. Brian Litvack, Consultant

28. Michael Cichowski

29. Danny Wen, Co-founder, Iridesco

30. Christian Busch, Bertelsmann

31. Chung Ng, COO, ROKKAN

32. jonathan berger

33. James Yancey, Founder, Meople.net

34. Todd Levy

35. Nathan Folkman, Principal Engineer

36. Keshava Dasarathy, Investment intern

37. Ken Berger http://logxtech.com/bio.html

38. tobias peggs, dir biz dev, fluency voice technology

39. Gabe Morris, Yabla Inc.

40. Vin Bhat, Co-founder, Sportsvite.com

41. Dan Melinger, Co-Founder, Socialight

42. Matthew Williams, freelance developer

43. Limor Garcia, creator, Cellphedia

44. Paul Skirbe, account executive, NextReflex

45. Yair Marcow, founder, Polytope Software

46. Dan Kantor, Founder, Streampad Entertainment

47. Keith Emmer, President, Pronumbra LLC

48. Joshua Rockoff, President, Strike Eagle Graphics

49. Joshua Ellstein

50.David Zeev Krieger, CD-Office, media and real estate.

51. Joshua Lerner, CEO, BusyTonight.com

52. Dan Bratone, Business Development, Accordent Technologies

53. Rishabh Misra

54. Neil Capel, CTO, Asmallworld.net

55. Johnny Saunders



ALMOST SOLD OUT!!! Do not add names past #55.

Spot #30 is open.


#30 Josh Manton, CEO, Kanban Solutions LLC (is 30 still open?)