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    • Dust off the putters. Clean your drivers. **


It's time for our first nextNY Golf Outing up in Westchester County, NY.


I am looking to round up a bunch of nextNY Tiger Woods & Vijay Singh's to play 18 holes of golf on a Saturday or Sunday this summer (June/July) and end at a BBQ/drinks at my house.


Please add your name to the list if you are interested in playing some golf. Since we'll be playing on an 18 hole golf course, we need people who have ventured past the driving range and have some experience on a course. You do not have to shoot par, but looking for people who shoot 105 or below.


I'm estimating that golf fees will run $80-125 per person (may be more, may be less)


Please add your name & email to the list to learn more:

  1. Darren Herman (firstname.lastname@gmail.com)
  2. Jeff Frese (jeff.frese@gmail.com)
  3. Dave Famolari (famolari@gmail.com)
  4. Michael Galpert now I have motivation to pick up my game. ( i prefer sundays)
  5. Ryan Dahlstrom (ryan@4anagent.com)
  6. Christian Busch (christianbusch@gmail.com)